The retro speedrunning level pack for Mari0: AE

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Retrush is a race against the clock! You have just a few precious seconds to get from checkpoint to checkpoint... but, you have infinite lives - so get moving, and go blaze a fearless trail!

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16 Unique Levels

From grasslands and deserts to aquariums and power plants, each level has its own unique flavor and elements. Between familiar SMB/Portal mechanics and new custom elements like Star Shards, there's no telling what's in the next level!

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Play At Your Speed

Frequent checkpoints and stars help to ease in novice players, while experts can skip the training wheels and go for the perfect run. Every level can be conquered with pure platforming, or you can use the portal gun to skip sections or find shortcuts. Anything goes!

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Fresh Retro Flair

The graphics are simply recolors of tiles from the original SMB and Lost Levels, but rearranged to create unique structures and landscapes. Further, custom animated tiles and backgrounds truly bring the levels to life. It's a simple aesthetic designed to look better than ever!

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Red Coin Remixes

Every level also has an extra challenge stage with Red Coins instead of time gates! New obstacles are added for increased difficulty, and the color palettes are changed to make the levels feel fresh. Altogether, that's 16 more levels, for a grand total of 32!

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The Warp Zone

After clearing all 16 main levels, a level select allows you to replay any stages you want - or tackle their remixes. It even saves which remixes you've cleared!* What happens if you clear them all...?

* Mari0 does not have autosave! Be sure to pause and save from the menu periodically.

See the mappack in action

Ready to play? Let's go!

Never played Mari0: AE before? First, grab the latest version of the game from the red link below. Next, grab the zipped mappack from the green link.

Open the game, choose "Select Mappack," and drag the zip onto the game window - then select Retrush and you're ready to go!

New players may want to set up the controls before starting; check the Options menu for that. By default, Mari0 uses mouse and keyboard with Portal / Minecraft style controls, but the game can also be played with a controller.